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As with any church, or indeed any old building, restoration works are constantly in progress at St Saviour's. We do this not only to make sure our buildings remain structurally safe and sound, but because we feel we have a duty to preserve the history of which we are custodians. Sometimes, this means we need to spend a little more on a project than someone in a modern building might - but our overarching aim is to pass on our church to generations centuries in the future with its original, and beautiful, character intact.

Below you can read about some of the works that have been recently completed, and those in progress.

Latest Additions

Some of the church's precious metal items used in services date back to the 1850s and therefore have been in constant, daily use for over 160 years. As hardy as these metal items are, they do require periodic restoration to mean we can use them for centuries more. Pictured are the incense boat (used by the thurifer to dispense incense smoke during sung masses), the ciborium (which contains the sacred host both within the tabernacle and when giving communion) and the vas aquae benedictae with aspersorium (which hold and sprinkle holy water when a priest conducts blessings). These items, as well as acolyte's candlesticks and the processional crucifix, have been carefully restored. We have retained some of the well-worn dents in the incense boat which keep its character, having been carried about the church during thousands of services.


In Progress

St Saviour's in a Grade II listed war memorial commemorating men who died in both the First and Second World Wars. The names on the memorial are thought to be connected to the Royal Army Medical College, and the servicemen listed come from all over the country and as far-afield as Canada.

In October 2022, high winds caused the memorial to begin listing and it needed to be supported by scaffolding. We are delighted that Westminster Council have agreed to fund part of the restoration works, and we are awaiting the green light from one further funder so we can get on with works. Ideally, we would like the memorial back to its former glory by Remembrance Sunday 2024.

Read more about the memorial and the men inscribed on the stonework here.

War Memorial.jpg

We are grateful to anyone who chooses to support our work financially. If you would like to donate to the restoration programme at St Saviour's, please click below.

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