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​At St Saviour's we are blessed to have a beautiful building set at the heart of the community.

Having been here since 1864 means that much of the fabric and many of our fittings have grown worn and tired. A few decades ago it was even asked whether the church should be closed.

The present era has been looking more hopeful, and many projects have been undertaken giving new energy and life. This includes re-roofing the Nave, rewiring and relighting the whole church and (soon to be completed), restoring our Victorian William Hill organ.

The work to restore St Saviour's building is continuing and we would greatly value your support. Current projects include:

The silk backing to many of these has now rotted and the embroidery is frayed.

Sound System
When the building was rewired we were unable to afford a new PA system, now in need of an overhaul.

However warm the welcome, some of the pews are wobbly and quite hard.

All handmade by parishioners, these lovingly crafted cushions are worn and need attention.

There is a large and unsightly area of water damage outside the Lady Chapel, requiring replastering.

Many years have passed since St Saviour's was last painted. It's a huge job though as we are so high!

Should you wish to find out more about any of these projects and how you could help please contact the Parish Office

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