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The beauty of holiness
At St Saviour's we love celebrating the special events of the church year. This means marking the different liturgical seasons like Advent (a time of watching and waiting) and Easter (a time of great joy). The colour of vestments and other fabrics change, as does the style of music. During Advent and Lent we do not have flowers. 

Some feast days are particularly important to keep, and we do so by hosting special services, which are sometimes followed by refreshments and the chance to meet other people. Often there are hymns and other pieces of music that can only be sung on that day of the year, and we want to keep traditions alive! 


Guest preachers
It is a particular joy to have a number of guest preachers throughout the year. These often come on the third Sunday of the month when we also have a time of healing during the Sung Mass. The preacher is encouraged to assist with this popular ministry, anointing those coming for healing after a member of the congregation has laid on hands in prayer.

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